Seeburg Ray O Lite Amplifier Replacement Featured On American Restoration


One of my products was on American Restoration.

You may have seen the American Restoration episode from Season 2 Episode 47 which restored a Shoot The Bear game. Tim Arnold of the Pinball Hall Of Fame used my board for the restoration and my LED fix to make the rifle more reliable. The little blurb about the game appearing in the movie Arthur with Dudley Moore(approx at the 30 minute mark) was also my suggestion.

See the full story on this RayBoard restoration board and a video of it in action HERE.

Here is the original amp. It looks like it was repairable but that is not an easy job and will never be as reliable. I wish they had shown the tube amp and talked about it more on the show.


Here is a shot from the show with my RayBoard

Here is the owner of FunSpot test firing it. I really think they faked this part because I do not think it would work in direct sunlight the way they have it setup.

Here is Time Arnold explaining how the original incandascent light was replaced by my fix version. The original lamps are really hard to find and expensive if you do find them. Plus, they can burn out easily because they are run at a voltage higher than they are designed for. The LED fix is the way to go for this rifle. Tim said the machine was better than it was originally.

In this version they did not use my growler board fix and instead of using the original shot striker they used a buzzer.


Great job Tim and Rick. Fixing a game like this is a big job and using a ray board makes it much easier because you do not have to restore the tube amp AND make it work.

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