Terminator 2
Virtua Cop 2Space Pilot
Helicopter Trainer
Ghost Town
Star Wars ESB
Neo Geo Conversion
MAME Invaders
Sky Gunner
Space Invaders Pinball
Sky Hawk
Speed Shift
Astron Belt
Laguna Racer
Pit Boss Cocktail


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These are only a handufll of the game projects I have worked on.
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Peep Show Re-Creation

Computer Space 2-Player

HyperSpin Frontend Setup

Seeburg Ray-O-Lite Modern Amplifier

Defender Prototype

Zultan Fortune Teller

Terminator 2 Console Conversion


Seeburg Ray-O-Lite Shoot The Bartender

Buy Bonds Hitler

Slap The Jap Ray-O-Lite

Seeburg 100C Jukebox and MP3 Conversion

Speed Shift by Chicago Coin EM

Seeburg Shoot The Bear


Foreign Legion Twin Machine Gun


Printing Repro Flyers

Astron Belt Multigame Project

Laguna Racer Multigame Project

Pit Boss Multigame Project

Pyros Cabinet Multigame

Stargate Style Multigame

Speedway EM

Starwars and
Empire Strikes Back Cabinets

Neo Geo Multigame Conversion

MAME Invaders

Commando Machine Gun EM

Sky Gunner by Genco EM

Space Invaders Pinball

Sky Hawk 16mm Film

Helicopter Trainer 1968

Ghost Town by Bromley 1991

Virtua Cop 2 MAME Conversion

Space Pilot 1968

Jap-Sam Ray-O-Lite

Old Time Basketball by Exidy

Hirohito Ray-O-Lite

Clown Bartender -Ray O Lite

Seeburg 100C Jukebox and MP3 Conversion PART 2