Ghost Town by Bromley

This game was made in 1991. It looks just like similar games from the 60's and 70's but it has speech and a digital score. It was also a redemption game. By any account the game is boring. You have a very short time in which to shoot as many stationary targets as possible. This is a terrible game design! They had such a great idea to bring back the EM shooter style but chose the worst gameplay possible. Well, this was going to be one of my most ambitious projects to date. I intended to totally rework the game into a new game. I want to make it similar to the 1971 Midway Haunted House EM shooter. The Haunted House game is very popular as are most of the monster theme games. This cabinet sat in my shop for about two years and I decided I would use the new RayBoard and build a game from scratch instead of modify this one so I sold this one. Building a game from scratch will give me more options and I will have fewer limitations. It also will not be a modified Ghost Town and will be a unique game.