Project 3 Pyros

Oops, I did it again.

No this does not involve Britney Spears.
I had a spare Pyros cabinet on the porch left over from my auction visit, and every time I walked past it I thought, what a shame, that cabinet is in such good condition. I have been trying to give it away but could not find anyone that would actually show up and take it.

After it sat on my porch for a number of months I built up a new reserve of spare parts and I began to realize that I had a spare motherboard and video card, a cabinet, and some other spare parts from previous conversions, all I needed was a 17" monitor and I could put together another Mame cabinet.
I really did not need ANOTHER mame machine but I did not have one with a slanted monitor so I decided to put this machine together as long as it did not impose on my time or take any money.
I did not take the time with this project that I did to restore and carefully wire the other cabinets, I just tossed everything inside this one and even simplified the keyboard hack. The total out of pocket cost of this project was $10 for a keyboard and $5 for spade connectors. Everything else I had and I found a monitor. The monitor had some problems, it did not support 1024x768 resolution very well but it works great for Maming.

Super simple keyboard hack, I broke out the matrix and then directly connected the wires from the keys to their respective matrix positions using some scrap terminal blocks. No cross connections so adding new buttons would be difficult but it works for the buttons I have.

I took a before picture, the after looks about the same except there is a monitor in it. I did not reconfigure the control panel, only added 3 simple contact buttons on the front for ESC, TAB, and COIN. All in all, it was an easy conversion. But, I still have two cabinets to get rid of.

Pyros before conversion

I have enough MAME machines for now.
I would like an original Starwars machine though....