Arcade Artwork Scan Repair and Restoration Training Video Set

Would you like to produce your own custom artwork? Modify your existing cabinet? Scan and restore a rare marquee or piece of sideart that is not available anywhere else?

Now you can!

This tutorial quickly gives you the graphic artist skills you need to restore arcade artwork. You can now scan your own artwork, digitally repair it on your own computer, then have the final product printed for your cabinet.

This video set is part of our continuing effort to preserve gaming history. Now you can participate too.

The set contains 3 volumes

  • Volume 1: Marquee, Playfield, Translite Restoration
  • Volume 2: Full side sideart restoration
  • FREE Bonus Volume: “In The Shop” video showing the production shop for Classic Arcade Grafix Inc.

See examples of halftone repair and scratch removal, assembly of multiple images into one full side artwork image, color adjustment, color replacement, and more.

Editing arcade scans is easier than ever. This unique Photoshop tutorial shows you how to take a raw scan and turn it into printable artwork. Now you can scan your own rare pieces and preserve them forever. You can also share them with other collectors. Classic Arcade Grafix Inc or Kinkos can turn your final digital file into sideart, a cpo, marquee, translite, playfield, anything.

We also cover how to separate digital scanned image colors so you can use the resulting images to produce screens for silk screening.

Here are some screen shots from the training video

Before and After of a restored marquee

A second marquee restoration example

Full side Sideart restoration example including how to scan full side artwork.

See Examples of Restoring a Marquee, Full Side Sideart, Playfields, and Translites.

Perfect for beginners and experts alike. The only prerequisite is a basic knowledge of Photoshop. We explain how to use each tool and show you what to do right on screen.

These techniques work with Photoshop Elements, Photoshop 7.0, CS, and CS2 as well as other quality image editing programs. Videos are in wmv format and can be viewed with Windows Media Player using your computer's DVD drive. There is over 90 minutes of training material included.

Order now and we will include a bonus video “In The Shop” which shows you how Classic Arcade Grafix Inc produces artwork. This is a special behind the scenes peek.

Scenes from the bonus "In The Shop" video.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to restore your own artwork, order your video set now.