Sky Hawk

If you have schematics or an operators manual for this game, or a working game please contact me.

A fellow collector emailed me and said he had a Sky Hawk in storage. You can see from the below photos that it was a mess. I am suprised it was not thrown away. It was pretty much worthless. I made a trade for it since it was really not worth anything as-is. But, I wanted it because I have never seen another one, and I doubt you have either. It looks to be the complete box except for the screen, scoreboard, and end of the machine gun. The end of the machine gun is just metal decoration so that can be easily replaced. The screen and surround can also be easily mocked up. I can get a marquee remade too so that much is easy. A scoreboard, looks like we will live without that. Fixing it up? Ok, I'm not ready for that yet but I have everything. At this point I am thinking it is easier to scan the film and put a projector in it, just shoot at the plane and not worry about hits. Stupid? Yes, but fixing this is going to be a nightmare, it may be a prop more than a playable game..





I converted the 16mm film(with sound) to a digital file so it is preserved. The footage appears to be backwards, that is reversed in time from normal 16mm film. If you play it back normally everything is running in reverse. Also only half of the frame is used, the other half is a black and clear matte with a spot over the plane's location. Somehow this tells the game if you are shooting at the plane or not.

I am hoping someone that writes emulators can take the video footage and turn it into a light gun/mouse game for the PC. Then I can rebuild this sytem using a regular TV projecter and modify the gun to use a light gun's insides(one of the Act-Labs LCD/Projector type guns since it is projection screen)


Note how the game identifies the plane's location with a blackout screen in half the video frame, in the next few frames it shows 2 shots, one of the plane flying by(a miss) and one of it exploding(a hit), a mirror flips to show one or the other.

I also have a new redrawn marquee. Building the blue surround should be easy. I dont know about the score board, that may be replaced with a new digital board but I will wait to see if someone comes upwith an emulator for these old 16mm games.