Speed Shift by Chicago Coin

I have been telling myself I will pick up some more EM games someday. Someday after I buy a house and have enough room. Someday when the money is really comming in. Finally I start thinking harder about it and I realize when that day comes there may not be many of these left and they will be more expensive plus from the looks of ebay, they may not be available at all. There are so few that I like on ebay, I could spend years building a collection. Well, that was it. I am officially buying again. I figure I can pick up a game ever 3 or 4 months and in a short time, without a big expense budget, I can build a nice collection and stop looking at auctions saying, I'll wait. I'm not waiting, get out of the way, I'll take it NOW!

One of the first auctions I went for was this Chicago Coin Speed Shift. You can see it is very unusual from the pictures. The driver sits down and controls a little 3rd person view car.


This game is not currently working but is on my list to be restored. It is mostly complete except for the coin door and is in pretty good shape. I have alreadq aquired a new top header sign.