Project 4 Stargate(sort of)

I fell off the wagon.

I know I said I would not do this again but circumstances changed. I moved and had to leave my 4 cabinets behind. I wanted to ship them but it would have cost too much.

Anyway, I now have the insides from my Pyros machine and I have purchased a cabinet at a local arcade shop, a little pricy at $250.00 for an empty cabinet but they will deliver and I am tired of not having an arcade game to play. They did throw in a StarGate marquee.
I purchased a cheap set of side art on ebay for $10 just to keep the sides from looking bare. I liked my old home made overlay but since I had to make changes to the control panel from my Choplifter game I just recovered it with a generic karate overlay. I think it looks fine with the hodge podge of different signage, stargate, karate, fighter bezel, shooter side art, since it is a mame machine and plays many different games it seems appropriate that the artwork would reflect varied games.


Finished Project


Another quickie conversion and it does not look great but it is playable for now.