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How-To Videos and Arcade Books

Now you can restore or convert games yourself. The below videos cover all of the technical details that I use to restore games plus they all include a bonus data DVD which has even more detailed information.

Books Available:

Arcade Game Flyers Volume 1
Arcade Game Flyers from the 1960's to 1979 Volume 1 A-Co More Info
Arcade Game Flyers Volume 2
Arcade Game Flyers from the 1960's to 1979 Volume 2 Cr-Int More Info
Antique Arcade Parts Catalogs
Arcade parts catalogs from Chicago Coin, Joe Munves, and Block. More Info
Antique Arcade Game Flyers -
Arcade game advertisements from the 1930's and 1940s More Info
Mike Munves Antique Arcade Games Vol 2 -
Catalogs from Mike Munves 1939 to 1962 More Info
Make Your Own Arcade Restoration Artwork Book
Learn the secrets to creating your own artwork that you can use on arcade cabinets. More Info
Mike Munves Antique Arcade Games Vol 1 -
Select antique arcade games from the Mike Munves catalogs. More Info


Videos and Disks

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Terminator 2 Console Conversion DVD Video plus Bonus DVD $19.95 + S&H BUY NOW  

This hour video documents the conversion of an empty Terminator 2 cabinet into a multi console gaming system. You can easily convert your own cabinet into a multi-console system using these methods. I installed an X-Box and a PS-2 with a simple switching system so both are easily used with the same control panel and the same video screen. Light Guns are also used but the new control panel can also play almost any console game including the classics. This is a video DVD which also includes a bonus data DVD with all of the information we could not fit into the video including sources for parts and setup details, light gun calibration procedures and preconfigured calibration files, special drivers, even the photoshop template we used to create the labeled control panel overlay for the X-Arcade panel used in this project.


Virtua Cop 2 MAME Conversion Comming Soon  
Special Videos and Disks
Digital Restoration Techniques $19.95 + S&H BUY NOW  

Learn how to use photoshop to restore digital scans of Marquees, Full Side Sideart, translites, playfields and more.

See details about the contents and more screen shots on the Restoration Video Page

Arcade Manual Collection No Longer Available  
This is a 6 DVD collection of over 5000 manuals. All scanned in PDF or high quality Tiff files. This is not the same set offered for cheap on ebay. This is a larger set with many more scans including scans of many EM game manuals, Monitor manuals, Cabinet plans and dimensions, and much more, way too much to list here.
Sky Hawk Video File

This is an avi file of the 16mm film used in the Sky Hawk Machine. If you can write an emulator to use it let me know and I am sure we can work something out for the footage. The game is very simple, a plane flys by and you shoot at it. If you hit you receive points. There is a time limit.