Terminator 2

This is a Console conversion project. I took an original Terminator 2 game that had been stripped and turned it into a multi console shooter that can also play regular console games using the new control panel. It has a PS2 and an X-Box in it now. This is a great project for a beginner to emulate since it is fairly simple. It is also a great project for those of us who love gun games.


Here is the before and after of the cabinet


You can see the before and after of the control panel

This machine was truly brought back from the dead. The owner was going to throw it in the dumpster. This project has been completed and the entire process was documented. I have also prepared a supplemental data disk that has more information and resources to help complete this type of restoration.

If you are interested in this project visit our Video Page to find the one hour video that shows how this restoration was done.