Virtua Cop 2 MAME Conversion

It's politically correct to say Multigame conversion now but I am mainly using MAME in this machine so I will call it a MAME machine. This was another cabinet headed to the dumpster. It was originally a Japanese Virtua Cop that was converted to Virtua Cop 2.

The side of the cabinet says 'Guardian of Virtua City'. I noticed it was a sticker over the actual sideart and removed one side. I was hoping it would be in Japanese but it actually said 'Gurdian of Virtua City' They had to make a quick fix to a Japanese spelling.

When the last operator converted it from Virtua Cop to VC2, they put a huge sticker over the original instruction panel. It was totally ruined, there was no way to recover it.

I used a hot air gun to remove the sideart on one side which revealed a perfect original Virtua Cop side. I will keep VC2 on one side and the original VC on the other. I am also removing the spelling fix sticker. It is just cool to show everyone the 'Gurdian of Virtua City' on the side.

I will be replacing the instruction panel with a control panel and replacing the guns with Act Labs guns. The new monitor will reflect off of the huge mirror. It should make for an interesting effect.

This restoration is also being documented and the video will be available soon.