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Sale, Trade, Let's Make A Deal


I have trimmed down my collection. There are still some games I might be interested in, but only some really hard to find games. I am also open to trades. I have some ray o lite figures to trade and may have other pieces.

Full Games Wanted by Me

  • Morgana fortune teller
  • Heli Shooter, old EM game, very big, fly a helicopter over the city
  • Apollo 14 by chicago coin
  • Space Pilot - good condition and working or mostly working

Misc Parts Wanted:

I will buy/trade for digital scans of these(you can keep the original, send me a scan). I also have a large collection of originals I may trade for scans(that is right, I will trade original flyers for scans). The terms depend on the item but is usually 2 scans for 1 original of equivalent original value.I also have schematics for most of the games listed at

  • Any ray-o-lite flyers or scans of flyers(Example Jailbird, Chicken Sam, Shoot the Chutes, Shoot the bartender, Shoot the Rabbit, Shoot Axis Rats, Kill the Rat, the Wolf, Bag-A-Bunny, Mother-in-Lawor any others I do not have. I already have Shoot The Bear and Coon Hunt flyers
    and I am willing to trade scans, prints, or originals of those flyers for scans of other rayolite flyers) I may also trade other original EM flyers for just scans of Seeburg Ray-o-lite flyers I do not have.
  • Ray-O-Lite Figures - I have several reproduction figures and would be willing to trade them for figures I do not have even if they are damaged or will trade one of my figures in exchange for making a casting of your original figure, or will cast your original and give you two unpainted copies.

I am interested in any of these ray o lite conversion kits, a high quality scan of this flyer, or parts from these conversions. I can restore your original at no charge. I am willing to make digital scans and produce restored prints of any Ray O Lite conversion backgrounds I do not already have and return to you your originals and a set of restored reproductions at no cost to you. Email for details and what you would like to have restored. I am interested if you only have photos of your game with these installed. I will pay for detailed high resolution photos including shoot hitler or other conversions for Ray O Lite by Seeburg games(not shoot the bear, shoot the bartender I have those games) I will buy or trade other ray o lite flyer scans/prints for scans of ray o lite flyers I do not have, I have shoot the bear and coon hunt to trade). Picture from




Seeking Photos: I would like to find detailed photos of any Seeburg Chicken Sam or any Ray-O-Lite Conversion background and figures that I do not already have. Detailed photos of any unusual game(ie games using air tunnels for flight simulators, any unusual play or technical designs especially for space theme, flying, driving, War era Hitler/Jap type games, or gun games). I am especially interested in photos of ray o lite conversions even home-made types as long as they are period original.

Parts Wanted

  • CCoin Motorcycle Header(top box with artwork),
  • Parts and artwork from any Ray-O-Lite conversion, figures, backgrounds, will scan and share the touched up and restored scans with anyone that wants an item scanned. Can provide restored backgrounds for a fee or in trade for other parts. That means if you have a background, printed figure like shoot the rabbit, or other artwork for ray o lites, I can scan it and make a new one from it.

Parts and Misc I have to Trade

Ray O Lite conversion figures: I have a limited number of these for trade only(not for sale): Trap the Jap, Buy Bonds(Hitler) and others. These are new reproductions made of plastic.

Ray-O-Lite war theme backgrounds: I have new prints of war theme backgrounds for TRADE ONLY for the Axis Rats, Hit The Dirty Jap(also used on Siamese Rats and other Thompson conversions), Chicken sam, Shoot The Bear, Rifle Range(blue with ducks), Bag A Bunny. I would consider trading these for other backgrounds that I do not have or for original flyers or other Ray O Lite items of interest and equivalent value.



Heli Shooter Electro Mechanical If you have one of these for sale I would be interested

If you have one of these for sale or not please contact me.


Never heard of these? Visit for a great mech game site and pics


If you have any of the above or even know where any of these are located for sale or not please email

sales (AT)