Zultan Fortune Teller


I like fortune tellers and I could not pass up this one. Gemmy made this for Halloween in 2006. It is a rough copy of the Zoltan fortune teller. I liked these so much I bought out a truckload of them. I re-sold the rest but kept a couple for myself. I wanted one to display but putting it on a table was not enough.

I made a sign using the left over material from my Shoot The Bear/Coon Hunt signs. It is the same day glow material and I used the same method to apply the lettering to the back. It looks amazing. I also purchased a fancy plant stand pedistal on eBay. It was hard to find one tall enough and even this one needs to be on a wood base to raise it up taller.


My new zultan out of the box



Applying the vinyl cut letters for my sign

The sign with letters

Front of sign after rounding top

My final Zultan on stand with sign screwed to back.

I plan to use bright LED's run of the existing power supply to illuminate the sign. I also need to raise the entire thing up so I will build a wood box and stain it, like a trapezoid pedistal, to put everything on. I could add a wood box between the Zultan and the stand and put a coin acceptor in it but for now I will just press the button.

These are no longer made but you can find them on ebay every few months.